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IBS Consultants provides tailored consultant services that encompass various company sectors. Our 360° approach, through a team of specialized professionals, both in Italy and Europe, allows for a diversified method of consultancy. Our services are tailor-made according to specific company needs.

Thanks to years of specific experience and know-how in Italy in Retail Development and Legal Counsel, the solutions that we propose allow or clients to satisfy their needs in a timely and cost efficient manner, thereby eliminating additional new departments and/or head count within the Company for such services.

The consultancy we offer basis itself on our clients’ primary business objectives and strategy. All aspects regarding the direct and indirect outcome of implemented solutions are evaluated and measured throughout the process.


IBS Consultants furnishes strategic services to those companies operating in Retail providing for the development and management of retail networks (in franchising or company owned retail).


Our specific network of professionals allows for a more direct approach to the client’s needs.

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